for everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.

I’m sitting on the balcony with a bottle of red and with a skinny Vogue cigarette in my hand. I’m philosophising about life. It’s hot outside, probably the warmest day of the summer and all my friends are at a party, enjoying summer but I choose to stay home.

Ever since we were born we were taught that all your dreams and expectations that we have will come true, as long as we always do our best and work hard, we won’t get disappointed. Some day’s life is absolutely lovely and some days our dreams seem so far away.


If I open my eyes and imagine where I would be at this point in life, I just see myself as a shadow of where I want to be. But at the end of the day I know I’m rushing it, I should just enjoy what’s in front of me and eventually life will be more than grand.

Postat av: Matilda

sv: ja fler borde ha femtiotalsfika tycker jag! :-)

2010-01-22 @ 14:39:45
Postat av: Linda

Härlig låt! :)

2010-01-23 @ 14:48:22
Postat av: Linda

Jaa jag älskade dom oxå, älskar intro låten ännu!

2010-01-23 @ 18:16:42
Postat av: CHRJ

sV: Jag med, i waaant them! :)

2010-01-23 @ 21:43:12
Postat av: Sofia

SV: Så sent blev det inte, var hemma från skolan vid sex typ. ;) Jag pluggar en KY-utbildning inom informationspruduktion (grafisk design typ). :)

2010-01-24 @ 02:32:06
Postat av: CHRJ

sV: Säkert! =)

2010-01-24 @ 10:37:05
Postat av: julia

hej, hoppas du får en bra dag :)

2010-01-24 @ 10:44:47

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