Fashion passes, style remains

Yesterday I saw the film about Coco Chanel it was absolutely brilliant. Loved it, I had know idea that she was an orphan as a child. She is such a big inspiration, living a life in poverty and then become one the most important name in the fashion industry. A brand that is so timeless and classy that I believe Coco Chanels clothes will always remain.


What made Coco (Gabrielle) so special was that she always did her own thing, she was the person that changed fashion from being very too much, where as the girls looked like cupcakes and instead she clothed them very simple and very classy and that was a entirely new way of thinking especially in the 1920´s.


“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”

Coco Chanel

You had me at hello

My life is more chaotic now than ever before, have to many things that must be done, so instead of making a list and get started I become listless and just want to stay in my cosy warm bed all day long, drinking tea and reading. A way to escape from my problems that is tearing me apart.

I do love my life and right now I devote my heart to my job that I’m so enormously blissful to have and the rest of my time I’m spending with my family and my closest friends, just the way I want it to be right now. So over the superficial lifestyle I once lived.

Just worry sometimes, that all I’ve been working so hard for in life would go away and my life would fall apart!

Have to go now, have to many things that needs to be done today.





First of all i would like to welcome you to my new blog, in this blog i will only be writing in english, even though english is not my first language i feel more comfortable doing it, so i will stick to it for as long as it feels right.

This blog is my heart song. My thoughts, beliefs, faith and my dreams and it may or may not be your cup of tea but at least im writing from my heart telling you about my experiences and the most important, my dreams!

Welcome and hope you will like it! 

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