you make it real for me


It was just what I needed. The indescribable feeling of appreciation, we all need it from time to times. We don't have feelings of love over each other but I must say we have a connection together.


Even tough this was all I was asking for I just can’t stop thinking about how different it would have been if it was you the person I have love feelings for!!  

bring me back to summer

Yesterday I actually thought i was sick in swinflue, but today I realized that my body was to tired to do anything after very hard weeks of working.

Right now I just want to travel around the world where the sun is shining and just enjoy each moment, already sick of the cold fall!!!!

I just want summer! 

dreaming away

Sometimes I don't feel good enough.. but i truly hope all my hard work one day will pay off and all my dreams will come true...

Nineteen Minutes

I’m at my parents place with the worst cold ever, have just been reading and eating this weekend, the only thing i’m capable of doing. It’s autumn here in Stockholm now and it’s colder and darker than ever before but the sun has been shining on us during the days and I love the red and yellow colours of the trees, it is so beautiful.


Anyways I’m reading this great book called “ninteen minutes” by Jodi Picoult, the same writer as “my sisters keeper”. I think she writes absolutely brilliant and I truly recommend this book to everyone.


The book is taking place in a small town called New Hampshire in Usa , where we are following a high-school shooting drama from different people’s perspectives.

We are following Peter Houghton that is the shooter (murderer of ten students and one teacher). How he since he started school 12 years ago has been bullied and no one didn’t do anything. We are able to follow his parents that life’s drastically change forever, loosing their son, jobs and life.


We are following students, his only friend, the judge and how in 19 minutes this town never will be the same again, how no one noticed him until something like this happened after being bullied for over 12 years.


That’s why I think this book is so fantastic, because we always grief and doing memorials for the students that was murdered and that is so sad, horrible and scary, but no one ever asks about the murderer. How did it come that he committed such an act? We blame the computer games, the death metal music, but no one blames the school?


Just read it, it’s a really touching book!




"true friends are like diamonds- bright, beautiful, valuable and always in style."
Nicole Richie

Friendships comes and goes, but true friendships will always be there for you no matter what. When I was younger I had so many friends and I loved it, my phone was always ringing and I was always invited to parties, but with time I have totally changed and become very picky about who is a real friend or not.

I have high expectations on my friends because I want my friends to be loyal, helpful, nice, and have a very warm heart. That is qualities I value.

I had this friend, that I truly loved, she was so nice, fun and very spontanious and we always had fun when we hang out, but now when time has passed I've realized that i'm always hoping that our friendship would go back to what we once had, but I know it won't and the friendship we have today just makes me sad, because she always brings me down by saying unappropriate things.

So after a lot of thinking I've decided that memories is what I'll be keeping. When I miss her I will think about how fun we used to have and keep the positive moments we had instead of try and try and try to be friends and then realize that it won't work!!!

But still you will always have a big place in my heart! 

Rainy days

Hello there blog.
I wanted to write a long and prepared inlay, but I feel to tired in my body and mind after this week. Been working almost 60 hours this week so today I feel totally weak and have been lying infront of the Tv watching good movies and reading interior magazines. 

I love it when it rains and you can stay inside all day, drink tea, watch movies and read books. 
So I wish and hope all of you had a great weekend!

see you later! 

Autumn leafs

Time is passing by so fast, its already october and I cant believe it's been 9 months since I left the big island of sun. I don't miss it too much, but i think about leaving home constantly. I love it here but sometimes it feels as if im in this world, just living in my little bubble and are loosing so much in this big world.

I love travelling, that's the best thing I know, but to be honest I think I need this time to settle down for a while and just relax and try to get over the feeling that I have of feeling enormosly rootless.
So I've decided to try to enjoy this fall as much as possible!

Yesterday I saw thefilm "my sister's keeper". One of the strongest film I've seen in a while. The whole theater was crying. Really recommend that one!

Have to go now!

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